Meet the Texan Who Makes Cowboy Boots for Every President

Rocky Carroll has spent decades designing stylish footwear for every type of cowboy boot lover.

Carroll owns RJ’s Boot Company in Houston, which has been in business since his dad opened its doors in 1938.

“I was raised in the boots shop business,” Carroll told CW39. “I made my first pair of shoes when I was six years old.”

His years of experience creating custom boots has made him one of the most celebrated boot makers of today. He’s made boots for some of the biggest celebrities in the world, from a $40,000 diamond-encrusted pair for Elizabeth Taylor to specially designed shoes for the Commander in Chief.

“I’ve done boots for Governor Perry. I did boots for George W., for Bush 41, for President Clinton, President Carter, President Reagan and President Obama,” he says. “I do all their boots and I never charge the presidents.”

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So why are Carroll’s boots so beloved? “All our boots are leather – inside and out,” Carroll explains.  “I use only American leather, nothing else. Except the skins that come out of different countries.”

The use of high-quality materials make the boots a great investment for both cowboys and cowboys at heart. “They’re very comfortable. As long as you get a pair that fits you right,” he explains. “If you’re wearing tennis shoes, you will probably throw those shoes away and start wearing boots. Your feet never hurt you.”

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Meet the Texan Who Makes Cowboy Boots for Every President