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This Stylish Tiny House is Completely Self-Sustaining

One of the best parts about downsizing and moving into a tiny house is the ability to travel and live on your own terms. This incredible home on wheels allows its residents to live a full and happy life without having to worry about utility bills.

Owner of tiny home company Room to Move Jeff Hobbs created a completely self-sustaining home that allows occupants to live entirely off the grid.

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Facebook/Room to Move

A 600-watt solar power system and a rainwater collection system installed on the roof powers the home and allows the flow of running water. A solar collector and wood stove help heat the water for bathing and cleaning.

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Facebook/Room to Move

The home was custom designed for current resident Briar Hale, who made it her mission to pack as much storage space as possible into the home’s interior.

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Facebook/Room to Move

Cubbies and shelving are installed throughout the space, which allows her to easily hide unwanted clutter.

Hale also made sure to incorporate lots of salvaged wood, which helps makes the home feel cozy and unique.

“It was important to me to live in a very wooden house with native woods that have been recycled, and to have a master craftsman do it and have something built that will last 100 years,” she explained.

Click below to see a full tour of this stylish and completely self-sustainable tiny house.

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This Stylish Tiny House is Completely Self-Sustaining