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This Snickers Bar Pie is as Easy as it is Delicious

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Are you ready for the dessert that you'll be bringing to every party from here on out? Thanks to the food gurus at Cooking Panda, we now know how to make a Snickers Bar Pie. Not only is it truly delicious, it's incredibly simple to make as well.

Start with 5 regularly sized Snickers bars and chop them up into bite-size chunks.

Then, in a bowl, pour in 1 tub of whipped cream cheese, 1/2 a cup of chunky peanut butter and 1 cup of powdered sugar. Whisk it all together until it's well-blended.

Next, you'll want to add a tub of whipped cream and whisk that in. Time for the Snickers! Dump in most of the Snickers chunks and mix well. You'll want to hold back some of the Snickers pieces to top the pie with.

Take your mix and pour it into your pie crust, sprinkle your remaining Snickers on the top and then refrigerate the pie for three hours.

That's it! Your Snickers Bar Pie is complete. After your dessert has finished cooling, it's ready to cut up, serve and enjoy!

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Posted by Cooking Panda on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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This Snickers Bar Pie is as Easy as it is Delicious