This Shiny, Metallic Horse is Being Called the Most Beautiful in the World

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No matter how much of a horse enthusiast you are, you’ve probably never seen one quite like this! The internet is going crazy over a shiny, metallic horse that’s even being dubbed “the most beautiful horse in the world.”

Recently, social media users went wild over this majestic creature that looks like it’s fit for an equestrian king or queen. Most have gorgeous metallic hair and some even have beautiful baby blue eyes! It’s no wonder these are becoming so popular.

These stunning stallions are as rare as they are magnificent. The foreign breeds are called Akhal-Tekes. They come in a variety of colors but the glowing golden version is what’s making them the latest horse fad. According to Horse Nation, the gold hue comes from their unique hair structure. Whatever it is, we’re definitely fans of this distinct horse!

These unique creatures aren’t just beautiful, they’re also very athletic! According to MAAK, they’re ancient racehorses and are even still used to race today. The bad news, though, is that they are considered a threatened species, which makes them even more rare.

Although you may not find these are your local stables, Americans who love the metallic horse have come together to create the Akhal-Teke Association of America. To join, they insist that you don’t have to own one, but you do have to enjoy them. Even if you’re not looking to join, you can still visit the site and gaze longingly at these beautiful creatures.

Just remember that next time you need a break from a daunting work day.

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This Shiny, Metallic Horse is Being Called the Most Beautiful in the World