‘Shark Tank’ Star to Wants to Revitalize One Small Town in America

Texas is full of small towns and local businesses that grow and shrink based on various fields of work, like the oil field. Local businesses open and towns expand to house and provide jobs for the influx of oil field workers and their families. It's great for the local economy when the field is booming. However, it often leaves towns full of empty buildings and struggling businesses when the boom dies. "Shark Tank" star Robert Herjavec wants to revitalize one small town by working with the Small Business Revolution who is investing $500,000 to rebuild those hurting local businesses.

By partnering with the Deluxe Corporation for the Small Business Revolution Main Street project, Herjavec plans to revamp the winning small town's businesses, whether it's new signage, a new website or updating inventory. The first town to win a makeover was Wabash, Ind. Wabash had a pub externally renovated and had it's marketing updated. The project rebranded a local boutique as well as a tattoo shop, among other town upgrades.

A full Hulu series on the makeovers will air later this year. However, some episodes of Wabash's renovations can be found online.

The program is still accepting nominations for the 2017 makeover. If you think your hometown is in need of some revamping, you can nominate it before the Oct. 21 cutoff date.

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‘Shark Tank’ Star to Wants to Revitalize One Small Town in America