This Determined Horse Saved Itself From the Brink of Death

Screengrab via YouTube

Polish farmer Marek Slodkowski walked into his barn one day to find a heart-wrenching sight. His beautiful horse, Freedom, had fallen through the floorboards into a confining barn maintenance that came up to her back. She couldn’t move or get out.

In a frenzy, Slodkowski began to throw hay into the depression, which fit around Freedom like a glove. He hoped the hay would give her some leverage and she could lift herself out. But she only struggled.

Exhaustion began to set in for Freedom when Slodkowski called the fire department to help him. At one point he whispered, “Don’t die,” into her ear as she started to drift off.

Even eight firefighters couldn’t pull her out of the confining depression with pulleys placed strategically underneath her belly.

Then a miracle happened. After 12 hours of being confined to a tiny rectangle and looking as though she was about to give up for good, she stood up on her own. Then she gave her attempt to escape one more shot.

Freedom lifted her front legs out of the depression as she pushed with her back legs. The firefighters helped her push that last few feet out and she was finally above ground again.

She showed off her newly appropriate name as she trotted off into the green, Polish grass. Slodkowski acknowledges that the rescue was a close call. Only a few more hours and Freedom might not have escaped at all.

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This Determined Horse Saved Itself From the Brink of Death