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This San Antonio Barbecue Joint's Cheesy Chop is Legendary

Did you hear? Texas Monthly's barbecue ratings were released last yeat. Why should you care? Besides being the definitive list that begins and ends pilgrimages to barbecue joints around the state, this list also introduces readers to the latest and greatest in barbecue ingenuity - like the cheesy chop. Deep in the heart of Central Texas, in North-Central San Antonio to be exact, resides the Two Bros. BBQ Market.

A joint creation by brothers Jason and Jake Dady, this unassuming Texas roadhouse houses some of the best barbecue in the state. With a meat counter where hand-carved slices are sold by weight, a pickle and sauce counter whose delicate flavors expand and prime your pallet, and an expansive list of upgraded barbecue sides, this restaurant is a popular first and last stop for visitors who are visiting San Antonio via the airport.

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Not to mention, their outdoor space is a favorite with locals. Large and county fair-like, the space features a children's playground, sandbox, picnic tables, smokehouse, and a gazebo that serves as the outdoor bar. There are also a few bocce courts and live music on weekends.

Plus, at Two Bros. BBQ Market, you're never going to wait in line. Jason Dady tells KENS5,

"This is not Austin, you couldn't get people to stand in line here if you gave away puppies and gold coins."

And thank goodness because sometimes you have a life to lead and you don't want to spend all day waiting for your barbecue — no matter how good it is. 

The One and Only Cheesy Chop

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However, there is one thing at Two Bros BBQ Market that might be worth languishing in line for. The Cheesy Chop. So simple but so genius, this dish is the ultimate indulgence. High-class macaroni and cheese is combined with small chunks of sauced beef brisket in a 50-50 ratio. It may sound odd, but one bite will prove its genius and you'll be wondering why every barbecue joint doesn't serve it. 

Of course, there are other offerings on the menu that you won't want to pass up. This includes slow-smoked brisket with an array of sauces, cherry-glazed baby back ribs, a beef-heavy housemade sausage (70-30 ratio beef to pork), and smoked turkey.

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While everything is delicious (Two Bros. BBQ Market is on Texas Monthly's Top 50 barbecue stops for crying out loud) it is truly the cheesy chop that is the stunner. It may even be good enough to encourage a pilgrimage to the restaurant.

And be sure that you're hungry when you arrive because remember, while the meat is slow-smoked, the service is fast.

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