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This Genius Pumpkin Hack Will Liven Up Your Halloween Party

Halloween is just around the corner which means that little witches, goblins, and ghosts will soon be scouring the streets in search of delicious treats. Whether you feel a little too old for trick-or-treating this year or are planning on attending a Halloween party instead, it's important to make sure that the seasonal decorations are top-notch.

When planning for such an event, it seems like a no-brainer to include some sort of pumpkin decorations in your party setup. Usually, most people go for the carved jack-o-lanterns to bring that extra bit of spookiness to the setting. If you're looking for a cool way to make your pumpkin festive and functional, why not make it into a giant pumpkin beer cooler with this perfect DIY pumpkin carving hack.

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Having a drink cooler is essential to give your guests easy access, so why not put them in an awesome pumpkin cooler? It's an incredibly easy DIY project to make and once the party is over, you can still reuse the pumpkin as a jack-o'-lantern to perfectly fit in with your other Halloween decorations.

If you want to try this out, make sure you pick a glass bowl before you head out pumpkin shopping. That way, you can measure the width of the bowl to make sure you purchase the right size gourd. Next, use your carving tools to clean out all of the pumpkin guts and seeds from the inside. Then slide your bowl into the pumpkin and fill it up with your favorite beer bottles on ice. I predict your partygoers will wonder why they didn't think of it first.

This video from Southern Living provides a how-to for all you crafty Halloween fans.

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If you want to get really crazy, try this craft from the Tipsy Bartender that takes the Halloween pumpkin cooler to the next level with some dry ice. You'll really be the toast of the town if your entire bar area is made out of creative pumpkin coolers. Happy crafting!

Editors Note: This article was originally published on October 21, 2020.