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This Incredible Off-the-Grid Hobbit Hole Is Straight Out of Middle Earth

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Graham Hannah left England when he was 17 years old. He traveled all over the world for three years and then moved to New Zealand. That's right, the closest place to Middle Earth we have. Then he decided to build a hillside retreat, a.k.a. a hobbit hole, that looks like something ripped out of a story book.

He designed it to meld into the natural landscape by building into the hillside and using natural elements. He created a mosaic ceiling with natural pebbles and rocks directly from the area. Wooden beams hold up the ceiling and natural grasses serve as the shingles for the home he entitled Underhill.

Underhill also happens to be an off-the-grid home. The coal range serves as the cooking range and provides hot running water for the home. Candlelight is the only lighting design he introduced. The hillside serves as the thermostat, keeping the inside of Underhill a perfect 62 degrees all year round.

He set the bathtub out under the stars and created a little composting toilet outhouse, continuing the off-the-grid tradition. Additionally, there's even a shower cave  that uses the hot water from the coal range heating system.

The small stream was also turned into a magical pond. As Hannah says, "It started off as a little swamp with just a little stream running through it. Now it's the centerpiece of this entire Underhill Valley."

This beautiful work of art is truly an escape from the modern world. Hannah refused to bring any form of electricity into the home because phones and computers tend to sneak in once there's an outlet. You can now book a stay in this beautiful hobbit hole, which is getting rave reviews from its visitors.

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This Incredible Off-the-Grid Hobbit Hole Is Straight Out of Middle Earth