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This North Carolina Riverfront Cabin Only Cost $8,000 to Build

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Dreams of running away from modern life and setting up camp in the woods, the rivers, and the mountains have captured the hearts of many Americans. And, perhaps unfortunately, many of these off-the-grid experiments fall into two camps. Of course, there’s the super cheap, roughing-it-in-the-back-of-a-van version. And then there’s the really expensive, custom-built tiny house experience.

But there are a few exceptions out there that fall in the perfect space right in between those two extremes. For example, this gorgeous riverfront cabin. It’s completely off the grid and still needs some insulation and other finishing touches to make it homier. However, the whole thing cost around $8,000 to build and sits right along the Cape Fear River in North Carolina for instant swimming access.

The cabin runs off of three solar panels and three lithium-ion batteries. These simple pieces of technology run the lights, the AC, and a few electrical odds and ends. The high, spacious porch among the trees might even be the best thing about this piece of property. Aspiring Huck Finn fans will probably clamor over this amazing cabin in the woods.

Although tiny houses tend to be much more affordable than a standard 3-bedroom, 2-bath suburban home, they can still cost up to $30,000. According to Realtor.com, a big part of those costs center around building permits. Other surprising costs also include getting up to code on plumbing and electrical requirements, and investing in off-the-grid solar panels.

This house has the luxury of a larger bath and a spacious great room. Some home owners have spent a lot more than $8,000 to make a mere 120 square feet into a livable space. So, maybe roughing it just a little bit pays off.

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This North Carolina Riverfront Cabin Only Cost $8,000 to Build