This Mini Airstream Will Make Your Road Trip Dreams Come True


An extended road trip tends to involve a slew of camping gear or a heavy trailer hitched to a massive vehicle. Not anymore. The execs over at Airstream have revealed their plans for a mini, lightweight trailer with all the features and luxury of a larger model.

Airstream invested in a small startup called Nest Caravans from Central Oregon, according to Outside Interests. The predicted results are nothing short of drool-worthy for road trip enthusiasts.

The adorable and aptly-named Nest trailer is built from lightweight fiberglass so you don't need a giant truck to pull it.

The interior of the prototype shows off a sleek, European appeal. "Design is everything," designer Robert Johans says of the the Nest.


And the 16-foot trailer comes with all of the amenities. A large seating area near the back includes wide windows for a spacious feel and turns into a luxurious sleeping space at night.

A small kitchen includes a two-burner cook top, seating and storage. There's even a sink to wash up after your gourmet meal.

Expect some more changes and additions as Airstream refines their design. Since you can't get this particular model until summer 2017, we'll all have to wait to plan that fantasy drive across the country.

If you need something pronto, you can pick up Airstream's adorable Bambi model. It's also a 16-foot trailer that they originally started making back in 1961. It has the classic silver exterior but it's a slightly bulkier model.


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