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This Mid-Century Modern Home Has Everything, Including It's Own Train

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A Michigan couple turned a grim looking property into a stunning mid-century modern dream home that even includes their very own train. Jamie Goebel and Linda Martin knew they would have some work to do when they purchased a 20-acre property in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Goebel and Martin added an additional 2,000 sq. ft. to the home, almost doubling its size. The couple sat down with the home design website Houzz to discuss how they came upon the ideas for the addition, which includes an exquisite kitchen and master bedroom retreat.

In the video below, you'll see a stunning marble backsplash over the kitchen sink. An elongated island in the center of the room has plenty of counter and seating space. Flowing directly outside to the pool area, Martin says the kitchen is perfect for entertaining and calls her new home the party house.

The also couple gives viewers an inside look at the master suite. Stones from the original construction that make up the wall behind the bed. A sliding glass door leads out to a wraparound balcony where the couple spends a lot of time observing nature. The master bath and vanity include plenty of windows that brighten while allowing a view out into the yard. In addition, a mix of dark colored counter tops and wooden cabinets give a modern update to the space.

The most spectacular part of the Michigan home though is perhaps found outside of it. The 15-16 acres of wooded area on the property offer plenty of privacy. It also allows room for the couple's very own train, which Goebel has spent hours restoring to its former glory.

The couple's impressive renovations preserve the original feel of the home while adding a modern twist. Being able to put a personal touch on their dream home is an exciting challenge for both Goebel and Martin. Although they're working hard during their down time, the outcome is certainly worth it.

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This Mid-Century Modern Home Has Everything, Including It's Own Train