Map Shows Every State's Favorite Romantic Comedy Movie

Valentine's day is right around the corner, which means it's time to dust off those old romantic comedy DVDs and pop one in. It appears every state has their favorite romcom. Surprisingly, those who live in certain areas tend to favor some movies over others.

For instance, those living in Alabama understandably love "Sweet Home Alabama," while those in Montana favor "As Good as It Gets." Come to find out, every state has their own favorite rom-com movie. With this new map from CableTv, you can see what every state's favorite rom-com is. The site cross-referenced data from Google's list of most popular romcoms with Google Trends data.

CableTv Map

Who would have thought that so many states favor the 80's hit "Pretty in Pink"? It's the favorite movie for 15 states in various sections of the map. "About a Boy" and "Pretty Woman" are also popular choices for the Southeast. Several states stick with more local films. Hawaii, for instance, chose "50 First Dates" as their favorite romantic comedy, which takes place in Hawaii.

Do you think this map is accurate for your state, or do you prefer another rom-com on the list?

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Map Shows Every State's Favorite Romantic Comedy Movie