This Map Shows the Most Popular TV Show in Each State


TV show preferences vary from person to person, but there are very distinct favorites when it comes to regions of the country. CableTV compiled data on what show is uniquely popular in each state. So, they excluded shows that are unanimously popular across all states like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

What they found was that people tend to lean toward shows set in their neck of the woods. According to CableTV, “Most states prefer shows that take place in the same region in which they live or have characters with distinctly regional accents.”

Some examples of that are Scandal being popular in D.C., Breaking Bad in New Mexico, Lost in Hawaii and Nashville in Tennessee.

Map Shows each state's favorite tv show

They broke things down further and looked at a wealth of different contributing factors. For one, they found that states with the highest median income preferred dark, complex dramas like The Wire (Maryland). On the opposite side of the coin, states with the lowest median income tended to tune into small town dramas. For example, Friday Night Lights in Mississippi or Prison Break in West Virginia.

CableTV also took into account crime rates to see what role that might play. In states with higher crime rates, highly-watched shows often glorified bad behavior, like Lucifer in Nevada. In the states with less crime, paranormal shows were uniquely popular, such as Stranger Things in Maine.

For more of a breakdown on the findings, head over to CableTV.

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This Map Shows the Most Popular TV Show in Each State