This Life-Size Noah's Ark Replica Could Set Sail Soon

There is a real replica of Noah's ark in the Netherlands, and it could set sail for Israel soon. The giant vessel was built by Johan Huibers, following the exact specifications set out by God to Noah in the Bible.

This isn't the first replica of the ark built in recent years, though it is the only one on Earth that is seaworthy. The Ark Encounter and The Creation Museum are current tourist attractions located in northern Kentucky. This Noah's Ark Theme Park was created by Ken Ham and features a petting zoo and educational encounters focused on the Christian faith. Ham also secured tax incentives with this lofty project on the grounds that it was furthering religion. Next time you find yourself in Williamstown, Kentucky you'll have to stop by and see if it's worth the hype.

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Huibers was able to build his Noah's Ark replica for roughly $5 million dollars with a team of amateur carpenters. That's technically a bargain compared to the $100 million it cost to build The Ark Encounter. His goal was to spread the God's Word around the Netherlands and he is definitely generating some buzz since he's trying to get the ark on the move. Since he found answers in Genesis that explained how to make the ark, there's no motor, meaning extra money is required to pull the ark to Israel via tugboat (around $1.3 million extra ... probably not exactly how Noah did it). Huibers thinks that the promised land is the perfect location for the life-size Noah's ark in the long run.

The life-size ark is 95 feet wide, features 5 floors inside and can fit 5,000 people. It's unclear when Huibers will be able to move his ark but it is incredibly impressive that he built it capable of floating on water, exactly like the ark in the Bible.

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This Life-Size Noah's Ark Replica Could Set Sail Soon