'Judgmental Austin Map' Lands City Employee in Hot Water

An Austin city employee is on administrative leave after using a map that includes derogatory labels to describe Austin's neighborhoods during a presentation.

According to the, the map was used in a meeting about zoning and street connectivity in Austin. The intention of the map was to show that the Austin's streets go through many different places.

When the Transportation Department figured out what happened, they quickly ordered the employee to take administrative leave.

The swift action may have something to do with the bad rap Austin got eight months ago for a controversial training course.

The Judgmental Austin Map has been around for months, first surfacing on the meme site It includes descriptions like "ex-frat highrises", "North Mexico" and "South Mexico".

What's your take? Do you think this is funny or offensive?

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Judgmental Maps

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'Judgmental Austin Map' Lands City Employee in Hot Water