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How to Make a John Deere Tire Cake

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Making a great cake is no easy feat. When it comes to planning a kid's birthday, making sure they have a cake that represents them and their favorite things is essential. So what do you bake for a kid who loves spending time on the farm?

The answer for that very dilemma comes from talented baker Shawna McGreevy, who kindly shared with the internet a tutorial of how to make a stunning tire cake. But this is not just any tire cake - McGreevy's version looks like it was taken straight off of a John Deere tractor.

Although it takes a bit of time and attention to detail, you too can make this impressive dessert in the comfort of your own kitchen. After assembling two large round cakes and carving out a hole for the hub cab, you'll need to let your creativity help transform them into a perfectly designed tractor tire.

If you're not very confident in your baking skills, you shouldn't worry. McGreevy's website has lots of tips and tutorials that will help you hone your craft and impress your friends and family with lots of fun and delicious desserts. You can check out her full list of cake tutorials over at McGreevy Cakes.

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How to Make a John Deere Tire Cake