Watch Irish Folks Try Classic Southern Food for the First Time Ever

There are long standing traditions between our heritage and our food. When it comes to the Irish, in America we think that all the Irish eat is potatoes, cabbage, and corned beef. At least that's what you're probably taught in grade school. But what do the Irish think Southerners eat? Why, KFC and steaks of course. While that's not entirely untrue - the south does love some fried chicken - there are some quintessential Southern dishes that nobody makes like mom.

Putting an Irish panel to the test, Facts. decided to find out what the Irish thought about our homegrown style of cooking. While it might not be all potatoes and cabbage, the panel had some rather peculiar responses to Southern cuisine.

Take gumbo, for instance. I'm not sure who made this gumbo, but liquified burrito is not exactly what Southerners are going for. Chicken gizzards, now even in the South you can understand how that is an acquired taste. Waste not want not though. Especially for the Irish guy that's had just about every part of the chicken you can consume.

We of course do love a good casserole, especially when it's got tots. Wholesome yes, made by grandma after church? Possibly. Definitely if your Napoleon Dynamite's grandma.

Of course, you can't talk Southern food and not have greens and grits.  Baby food and texture, mmmm. That one guy gets it though, it's grits! What grits are to the South is what the potato is to Ireland.

Of course, mix in a bit of heat and you got comfort food for the soul. It may be hot in the South, but if you ain't sweating, then you ain't eating.

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