This Is What Happens to Your Body After Drinking One Beer

Back in July, we published an infographic explaining the effects one can of Coke can have on your body. Let's up the alcohol content.

Thanks to the health wizards at Yahoo, we now have a better picture of what happens to our bodies after consuming a single beer. Although beer and Coke have similar effects, you may be surprised to notice this infographic doesn't seem as daunting as the one for the infamous soda.

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Yahoo/Eric Mace
Yahoo/Eric Mace

The most striking similarity between the boozy beverage and Coke is its triggering of the neurotransmitter dopamine. As a result, your body's pleasure centers will feel rewarded and want more. No wonder it's so hard to stop at one!

Regarding its effect on your body, there's one obvious reason beer strays from Coke -- alcohol. Even after one beer, Dr. George Koob says you'll start to loose your inhibitions...ONE BEER.

" a lot more, and are more likely to make a social interaction," he said, "such as going over to a colleague you've been wanting to meet and introducing yourself."

Ok, that doesn't sound too bad. The real trouble can start though when you go back to the bar and order more...and more. That's when the dopamine surge and inhibition deterioration work against you.

And of course Koob reminds us about other factors that play into our body's response to beer, or alcohol in general. The first is controllable -- If you eat before or while drinking, your body will absorb alcohol slower; so won't get hit by all its havoc at once. As you've probably heard, your sex also determines the severity of alcohol's effect.

"Females tend to have less body water than males and tend to get 30 to 40 percent more intoxicated than men with the same dose," Koob said.

If you're still with me and want in on some positive effects beer can have on your body, Yahoo cites the following:

  • Drinking one can of beer daily for a month can decrease the risk of heart attacks in men with coronary artery disease.
  • One bottle of beer can reduce the risk of kidney stones by 40 percent.
  • A single beer a day can help protect vision.

That being said, I think it's about time for a pint.

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This Is What Happens to Your Body After Drinking One Beer