This Bizarre ‘Suicidal Deer’ Sign is Getting Drivers’ Attention

Will Brumleve/Paxton Record

A tiny town in Illinois has earned national attention after posting an eye-catching road sign that warns of “suicidal deer.”

For reasons unbeknownst to the residents of Paxton, Ill., a shocking number of deer have collided with vehicles. In 2015, 33 vehicle collisions with deer were reported to police.

Button Township Highway Commissioner Ron Hilligoss is trying to raise drivers’ awareness of the issue by using a somewhat unconventional method. He’s posted a cautionary sign with the words “Suicidal Deer” along one of the roads most prone to deer and vehicle collisions.

“My nephew sent me a picture of one of these signs out in Colorado about six months ago,” Hilligoss told  The Paxton Record. “He texted it to me, and I thought it was really a good thing because it gets your attention. So we had had a Ford County Highway Department meeting and I said, ‘Can you get me these signs?’”

So far, the county has purchased four of the “suicidal” signs for $42 each, but have only publicly posted one. Although it’s unclear if the sign has cut down on the amount of deer collisions in town, it’s definitely become a hot topic among the town’s residents.

“If you ask anybody where a deer crossing sign is, they couldn’t tell you,” Hilligoss explained, “but they know where that one is at.”

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This Bizarre ‘Suicidal Deer’ Sign is Getting Drivers’ Attention