This Idaho Farmer's Sheep Video Has Gone Viral and Nobody Knows Why

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A 23-minute video featuring an Idaho farmer and his sheep has gone viral and nobody can figure out why. The video, "A Year in the Life of Raising Sheep in Idaho," has gained over 263,000 views, most coming in the past few months. It was posted in June 2013.

The video features Frank Shirts, who speaks passionately about his flock and the dying art of raising sheep. And, of course, he gives an adorable answer when asked about why the video has become so popular.

"It wasn't me," he told the Capital Press. "The people that watched it won't even remember my name. People love seeing those baby lambs." People just love sheep, he says.

We'll go with Shirts' optimistic answer, cause we have no idea why the video got so popular either. But on the plus side, it is very educational.

The video follows a full year of sheep farming, from lambing, to shipping, to grazing to shearing. It's no small task, and most of the comments on the video are positive, recognizing Shirts' passion and asking questions.

But still, it doesn't explain the more than 570 likes or the fact the video is fast approaching 300,000 views.

The video was produced by Life on the Range, an outreach program of the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation. The goal is to education both locals and visitors on Idaho's many farmers and ranchers, and for whatever reason it's working with this video.

Of the 30 videos on the Life on the Range page, Shirts' sheep video leads the pack by more than 200,000 views.

Go ahead, join the rest of the internet and learn about sheep from this passionate farmer.

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This Idaho Farmer's Sheep Video Has Gone Viral and Nobody Knows Why