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This Quirky House Brings Tiny Living to a Whole New Level

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As more and more people are choosing to downsize their living situations, specially designed tiny homes are popping up across the country. In Seattle, there’s a truly unique tiny home that has been the talk of the neighborhood for over 90 years.

This two bedroom home is shaped like a triangle, which means it spans from 15 feet wide on one end to only 55 inches wide at the other. That’s small enough to allow a normal sized adult to touch both walls while holding their arms out straight!

This mind-boggling home earned the nickname the “Spite House” because of the story that locals tell about why it was built. Some say that the property was split up by a judge during a divorce settlement in 1925, which gave the man rights to the house and the woman ownership of the front yard. To spite her ex, the woman built a home of her own on the tiny bit of property she was given.

Although the true reason why the house was built is unknown, it’s become a local landmark thanks to its strange size and mysterious backstory.

If you don’t mind the home’s interesting design, you have the chance to be this property’s next owner. It’s currently on the market with an asking price of $519,000. You can find out more about this quirky abode at Zillow.

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This Quirky House Brings Tiny Living to a Whole New Level