This Horse Just Proved to Be the Most Romantic Gentleman [WATCH]

When it comes to winning over my heart, you can skip the jewelry and fancy clothes.

If you really want to show your love, giving the gift of a good meal is the best way to do it. This romantic horse seems to have finally cracked the girl code when it comes to wooing his mate.

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In an attempt to court an attractive young female, the horse trots rapidly towards the apple of his eye with a huge mouthful of hay. He motions toward her and in a few moments, she starts to enjoy their version of a romantic dinner. As the video goes on, it seems like these two are destined to trot off into the sunset together.

Sadly, this sweet horse's efforts go unrewarded.

When he swoops in for a quick nuzzle, the mare backs away quickly and directs him straight to the "friend zone". I hope this guy took the hint and didn't waste anymore time on this unappreciative lady. Hopefully, this true Southern gentleman is currently sharing some hay with the mare of his dreams.

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Layla's sweet boyfriend, T, bringing her a bite of hay to eat and giving her some kisses 🙂

Posted by Jessica Munn on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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This Horse Just Proved to Be the Most Romantic Gentleman [WATCH]