This Guy Impressively Mimics 15 Famous Singing Voices [WATCH]

Screengrab via YouTube

Many of us aren’t naturally talented when it comes to singing.

It can be a gift that takes years to shape and make your own. Even more difficult is trying to duplicate other singers’ voices because each one has its own set of inflections and quirks.

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This talented young man not only has an excellent voice, but knows how to morph it into the style of some of the world’s most popular artists. In his YouTube video called “One Guy, 15 Voices”, the vocal prodigy runs through a list of some recognizable hit songs from many different genres.

He starts off with his interpretation of Bruce Springsteen, which captures the icon’s trademark gravelly tone and powerful voice. From there, he changes into an array of chart-toppers, from rocker Bryan Adams to Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line.

The result is an impressive and incredibly fun video that will blow your mind.

Click below to see his impressive skills for yourself!

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This Guy Impressively Mimics 15 Famous Singing Voices [WATCH]