This Group of Sleeping Pug Puppies Is Unbelievably Cute [VIDEO]


What are dreams made of? Probably a mixture of sunshine, sugar and an endless supply of tiny, cuddly pups.

No matter what’s bothering you, it’s hard to not feel at least a tiny speck of joy when you see a cute puppy. There’s something incredibly innocent and heartwarming about them, especially when they’re snuggling up for a long nap. If you multiply that factor of cute by six, the result will be an incredibly large amount of happiness channeled directly to your heart. This video is an instant mood booster that’s better than caffeine and healthier than a bar of chocolate.

Watching these little guys snore up a storm is such a peaceful sight. Their tiny tails and legs kick and shake as they happily dream beside one another. When the first puppy on the left takes a long, satisfying stretch, it’s hard to resist the urge to reach out and cuddle it.

Just to warn you, this video also features soothing nursery music that will make you want to curl up beside them for a much-needed nap. Watch for yourself and try not to get overwhelmed by this adorable pack of puppies.

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This Group of Sleeping Pug Puppies Is Unbelievably Cute [VIDEO]