This Gigantic Knit Blanket Can Be Made in Hours By Using PVC Pipe

You may have been seeing huge knit blankets all over the place lately. You know, the ones that look so comfortable you want one in every room of your house. They certainly aren't the cheapest, though. We've found a DIY tutorial that can help you make your own without breaking the bank! Laura Birek of Nocturnal Knits is teaching you how you can make one for yourself using PVC piping instead of needles.

Birek starts by taking two 1 1/2" PVC pipes and duck-taping off the ends. Yes, you need something that heavy duty because this blanket ends up being 50 x 84 inches. You'll also need slightly-felted, superwash, unspun woven roving.

You should be able to complete it in about four hours if you already know how to knit. If you don't, it might take you a bit longer, but it's a fun project for those colder months when you're trapped inside. Plus, it makes the perfect gift for the holidays.

You can buy the pattern for Birek's Giganto-Blanket on Ravelry for just $4.99. Or, if you don't feel like knitting but still want the blanket, she sells them over on her Etsy shop. Just be ready to pay a pretty penny... and by pretty penny, we mean $700.

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This Gigantic Knit Blanket Can Be Made in Hours By Using PVC Pipe