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There's a Giant Lavender Labyrinth in Michigan


 You've heard of pumpkin patches and corn mazes, but a farm in Michigan has a unique take on an outdoor favorite with its incredible lavender labyrinth.  

In 2001, maze owner Barbara Bull started work on the meditative labyrinth with the help of artist and architect Conrad Heiderer. Bull is also the owner of Cherry Point Farm and Market in Shelby, Mich., where the lavender labyrinth is located. 

Bull designed the asymmetrical design and put an herb garden in the center. A leisurely walk to the center takes about an hour.


The lavender labyrinth peaks in the springtime and continues to bloom throughout the summer. Once it dries up at the end of fall, the lavender is collected for future use. Throughout the maze, visitors can also find apple, peach and cherry trees, along with other plants that are native to the area, such as black-eyed Susans and wild hollyhocks.

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Barbara Bull explained that the lavender wonderland is not a maze and is intended to bring about peace and calm.

"There's a big difference between a maze and a labyrinth," Barbara Bull told Better Homes & Gardens. "A maze is a puzzle, it's a form of entertainment, where a labyrinth is this wonderful, thoughtful, contemplative, meditative walk."

Much of the lavender was unfortunately killed during the 2019 polar vortex, but the labyrinth is currently in a state of regrowth. Bull told Better Homes & Gardens the new lavender will take two to three years to mature. In the meantime, you can still enjoy the calming scent of lavender and take in the gorgeous herb garden.

"The garden, and specifically the labyrinth, is a place for people to come, to immerse themselves in the beauty and in the pattern that facilitates a connection," Bull said.

The lavender labyrinth is free and visitors are welcome to drop by and take a stroll anytime. What a nice, therapeutic trip!

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