Farm Seeking Volunteers to Snuggle with Its Baby Goats

No, you’re not dreaming. A farm in Esmont, Virginia is actually searching for animal lovers who simply want to spend their time cuddling some adorable baby goats.

Caromont Farm is home to over 120 goats, which help produce a variety of cheeses. In February, around 90 new goats are set to be born on the farm. With their population about to double in size, the  farm owners are asking the public for their help.

A sign-up sheet for aspiring goat caretakers is now posted on the farm’s website. Volunteers can volunteer their time – and snuggles – by working four-hour shifts on the farm from early February through March.

Duties for those who choose to volunteer their time include intense snuggling, vigorous petting and constant feeding. Making sure these young goats get enough to eat is a job in itself, as they must be fed by bottle at least four times a day.

If you’re in the area and have a little extra love and time to give away to these adorable animals, consider volunteering. Although all volunteering slots have currently been filled, you can visit the Caromont Farm and become the first to find out when more opportunities become available.

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Farm Seeking Volunteers to Snuggle with Its Baby Goats