Texas Mansion Made Famous on 'Dallas' is Up for Sale


For just $10.9 million, interested buyers could own The Calder House, a Texas mansion that was used in the filming of the first season of the long-running CBS soap opera Dallas. Even though the house was rebuilt in 2003 with updated amenities and appliances, the Dallas mansion still offers that southern charm that viewers loved.

The original front patio pillars are still on display.

The Southfork Ranch, as it was referred to in the show, was home to oil tycoon J.R. Ewing and his family. Doesn't it look like the homebase for someone scheming and plotting, just as J.R. had always done?



This Texas mansion currently includes five bedrooms and six bathrooms. Plenty of room for a big, Texas family.


This 10,341 square-foot home was built with a kitchen made for entertaining and private rooms designed for ultimate relaxation.



The outdoor pool is perfect to help you cool of in the Texas heat.

The cherry wood walls helps to create a luxuriously cozy atmosphere in such a spacious room.

The property lives up to the Texas reputation that everything is bigger. It comes with a spa, a tennis court and a home gym.

If you're interested in purchasing the property, you can schedule an appointment with the realtor here.


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