Dog Upstages a Baby By Learning to Say ‘Mama’ First

Screengrab via YouTube

I always feel sorry for dogs when a new baby gets introduced into their owners’ families. One minute you’re the center of attention and the next you’re competing with a tiny tot for a few moments of playtime. Most pups learn to deal with their new situation in time, but this dog was not going to let a toddler take away an opportunity for a snack.

In the hilarious clip below, the mom behind the camera coos at her child with a fork full of delicious food. She’s trying desperately to teach the cute kid how to say “mama” but it doesn’t seem to be working. Chance the dog sees his chance to take the spotlight while the baby’s eyes are locked on the appetizing food.

Chance begins imitating the speaker, morphing his growls into the closest version of “mama” he can get. While the family erupts in giggles, the toddler fights back against Chance’s attempts to show off. The baby simply refuses to be upstaged. Instead, he gives the dog a good smack on the mouth.

Now that the Diaz’s 15-month-old grandson is learning words on his own, Chance gets to learn along with him. Watch their incredibly cute competition below.

Although this video is hilariously entertaining on its own, it has an even more incredible backstory. Chance’s owners, Andres and Ginette Diaz, told Buzzfeed the pup has a very special place in their hearts. When Ginette suffered a traumatic brain injury during a car accident, Chance stuck by her side as a source of comfort and helped alert the family when she suffered from seizures.

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Dog Upstages a Baby By Learning to Say ‘Mama’ First