This Deep-Fried Pig in a Blanket is Breaking the Internet

Every social gathering you attend will offer different food and drink options. One finger-food favorite is the pig in a blanket; it's a time-tested classic. Whether the hors d'oeuvres selection is on the higher end or the lower, frozen mozzarella stick-side of things, you'll likely run into some variation on the blanketed pig, if you will.

One restaurant recognized the popularity of pigs in a blanket and took it to the next level. Let's take a deep(-fried) dive into why this deep-fried pig in a blanket is breaking the internet.

Penny Hill Fisheries is what the British call a chippy. That is to say, this restaurant serves up fish and chips. Located in Hunslet, Leeds, Penny Hill Fisheries is run by Matthew Wilson-Hirst. The 28-year-old chippy owner isn't afraid of having a little fun, and his most recent experiment is simply blowing up.

Wilson-Hirst has put together 12-inch long pigs in a blanket. That's right, they're an entire foot long. The 12-inch long snack, if we can call it that, is the longest rendition of pigs in a blanket in the entire United Kingdom.

"We always do gimmicky festive things at Christmas," Wilson-Hirst told the MirrorHe and his Penny Hill Fisheries team asked patrons what their favorite part of Christmas dinner is. In what seems to be an odd conclusion to us, they resoundingly called for pigs in a blanket.

The pig part of these 12-inch long pigs in a blanket is sausage from a Northern Ireland butcher. The purveyor of the sausages, McWhinny's, ensures that the sausages are 70% meat.

Each massive sausage is wrapped in bacon, battered, and deep-fried. Wilson-Hirst's inspiration for these beastly bites is a generations-old recipe. It's been passed down from his great-grandmother; she started making it in Bradford in the late 1920s. People can't get enough of these deep-fried pigs in a blanket, so if you're in Leeds be sure to head to Penny Hill Fisheries and check them out.

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