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How to Jump Your Dead Car Battery With a Rope


Flat tires and dead batteries always seem to happen at the worst times. And, unfortunately, everyone experiences car trouble at some point in their life. Most people know to carry around cables in the event that their battery dies. What if you're not around another vehicle? What if you left your cables at home? If you find yourself in this position, this dead battery life hack could fix your problem.  

To simplify it, it works on the same idea as pushing or pulling the car while it's in gear to get the engine going. It's important to note that this doesn't always work with every car. It usually only works with smaller, manual vehicles, and you probably shouldn't try it unless you're really in a bind.

To begin this dead battery life-hack, you'll need a jack and a rope. First, safely jack one of the drive wheels as if you were changing the tires so the car is stable. Then, pull the handbrake and put the car in third gear. Once the break is on and the car is in the correct gear, turn the car on.


Then, wrap the rope around the wheel with the end of the rope facing you. You should be toward the hood of the car.

Screengrab via YouTube

Once the rope is wrapped around the wheel, pull as hard and fast as you can. If you're strong enough, and lucky, your car should start.

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