Meet the Cutest George Strait Wannabe Ever

Screengrab via YouTube

Although George Strait’s career has lasted over 30 years, his music is still making an impact on young listeners.

For one little boy, his love for the “King of Country” was too hard to hide, even during his preschool graduation.

In this hilarious video, a 4-year-old boy is seen reciting part of the New Testament along with the rest of his graduating class. When it’s his turn to take the microphone, he begins to sing the text just like the rest of his classmates. When he gets to the end, he decides to pay tribute to Strait with a snippet of his 1987 hit, “All My Exes Live in Texas”.

He gives all he has in his mini-performance, which is cut short by an adult who can’t help but chuckle at the impromptu karaoke moment. Although he may need to work on his pronunciations, his charisma and stage presence suggests that this young boy may just be a future country superstar.

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Meet the Cutest George Strait Wannabe Ever