This Cool Trick Could Save Your Frozen Food During a Power Outage

Having electricity is an absolute must in today’s day and age. Unfortunately, power is one of the first things to go during a big storm. For many, this means leaving their home behind to find somewhere warm to stay until the electricity returns. Usually, this also means that you must empty out your freezer when you come back home.

Sometimes you may not need to throw out all your freezer food, but it all depends on how thawed out it became while your power was off. If your food stays frozen, it will be fine to consume when you return. But, if the power comes back on and refreezes the food, it can be difficult to tell whether the food was actually thawed. This can lead to consuming items that are actually unsafe to eat.

Luckily, with just one simple and easy trick, you can find out if your food really needs removal. To pull off this life hack, you simply need a quarter and a glass of water. Start by freezing the cup of water in your freezer. Then, simply place the quarter on top and wait.

When you leave your home due to a power outage, the water in the cup will eventually begin to melt. If the power comes back on, it will refreeze the water. But, with the quarter on top, you will know just how much the water melted before the power came back on. If the quarter is at the bottom of the glass, you will need to throw the food away. However, if it is still at the top, you are good to go!

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Obviously, you should still be careful about using your food after a power outage. If you don’t feel comfortable about it, go ahead and throw it out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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This Cool Trick Could Save Your Frozen Food During a Power Outage