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This Chicken Coop Plan is Perfect for Urban Homesteaders


It's not an everyday thing to plan your own chicken coop, but you're likely not the everyday person -- and spending 20 minutes on Pinterest looking up these sorts of fantasy chicken coop plans is just downright overwhelming.

All those fancy nesting boxes, watering stations and sliding doors can cause confusion, but one YouTuber has found a mighty technique for constructing the best chicken coop.

YouTube user Eric Fleming came up with the plan for this highly functional, airy and DIY-friendly chicken coop plan that's easy to maintain.

He built the main frame of the coop with some two-by-fours and basic carpentry techniques. The whole chicken coop is elevated over an outdoor area where the chickens can get fresh air and peck at poultry nipples that Fleming installed to hang from a simple 5-gallon bucket for fresh water.

The little details of Fleming's chicken coop plans will make you eager to start building your own.


Instead of using two-by-fours for the roosts, he installed some thick branches to simulate nature and created dark, cozy nesting boxes underneath the window.


To ensure no nightmares he covered the windows with hardware cloth.  Then Eric added a sliding door for the coop which operates from the outside. When the birds go inside, he can release a string that closes the door. Conversely, he can open the door with a simple pull of the string.


He even added LED lighting for the chickens using some basic waterproof lights and a deep cycle battery.

This project isn't for the novice carpenter, but it only costs around $1,000 to build. Anyone who is tired of a messy, difficult-to-clean coop with no style will be in on this design in a split second. You can also paint the exterior lumber in a number of decorative and adorable ways to make it your own.

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This Chicken Coop Plan is Perfect for Urban Homesteaders