This Guy’s Cattle Auction Fail Will Make You Laugh Hysterically

When it comes to cattle auctions, leave it to the professionals. Someone should've told that to Bert Kreischer.

Kreischer is a comedian and television host (Trip Flip, Bert the Conqueror), who has lived a colorful life to say the least. His college exploits are rumored to be the inspiration for the film National Lampoon's Van Wilder, and his travel experiences include drinking with the Russian mob and accidentally participating in a robbery with them. He's also an incredibly funny guy and has the best laugh you've ever heard, which you'll see in the video below.

This clip is from a segment for Kreischer's Travel Channel show Trip Flip. The premise is that Kreischer participates in a Texas cattle auction, first as a fast-talking auctioneer and later as a bidder. Kreischer attempts to false bid on the first cows in an attempt to jack up the price. He's not actually trying to buy a cow. Low and behold, that's exactly what he does.

What really makes this worth it is the hysterical laugh Kreischer unleashes when he realizes what he's done. If you watch this while you're at work, be prepared to burst into uncontrollable laughter.

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This Guy’s Cattle Auction Fail Will Make You Laugh Hysterically