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This Breathtaking Pond was Made with Recycled Tractor Tires

They say another man’s trash really is another man’s treasure and that statement couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to this spectacular backyard pond derived from old tractor tires.


This do-it-yourself project is relatively simple and the results will enhance the aesthetics of your backyard dramatically. Not to mention the good you’ll be doing for the environment by recycling what would have otherwise gone to waste.

Whether you start small with just one tire or get creative by mixing and matching sizes for a more elaborate look, your new backyard haven is only a couple of days of hard work away.


What You’ll Need

  • One or more tires of any size
  • Varying size rocks
  • Tarpaulin Like Material To Cover the tire
  • A Few Buckets of Sand
  • Gravel
  • Shovel
  • Jig Saw
  • Slab of Wood or anything to be use to level the sand

Homesthetics has full step by step photos to walk you through the project, but the outcome seen below will blow you away. Surrounded by colorful plants and varying size rocks for a dramatic effect, this pond will truly be the envy of your neighborhood.


Get ready for a wealth of backyard barbecues in your future.

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This Breathtaking Pond was Made with Recycled Tractor Tires