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This Barbecued Whiskey-Glazed Ham Recipe is To Die For

YouTube/BBQ Pit Boys

Easter is just around the corner, and nothing pairs with the holiday better than a nice, juicy ham. Why stick to your boring old ham, though? This year, spice things up by serving a whiskey-glazed ham fresh off the grill. The guys over at BBQ Pit Boys are sharing their delicious recipe for the perfect barbecued whiskey ham.

They start by preparing the glaze on the grill in a black iron pan. To make the glaze, you'll need about 1/4 cup whiskey, diced Serrano peppers, apricot marmalade, soy sauce, molasses, and brown sugar. It all gets mixed into the pan and brought to a simmer.

Ham time! The guys choose a water-soaked ham for its moistness. After applying a special rub to the ham, it's time to barbecue! Put the ham in a shallow roasting pan and top it with some pineapple slices, securing them with toothpicks.

Once they put the ham on the grill, they fill the bottom of it with apple juice for moisture and flavoring. Now it's time to let it cook. The ham should cook (covered) on the grill for about five hours at around 325 to 350 degrees.

Apply some of the glaze about an hour in and recover the grill. Halfway through the cooking process, you'll want to turn the pan and add more glaze. Continue glazing every hour until it's done.

After five hours (160-degree internal temperature), your whiskey-glazed ham is done! All that's left to do is carve it up, serve, and enjoy.

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This Barbecued Whiskey-Glazed Ham Recipe is To Die For