Adoptive Family’s Emotional Reunion After 3 Years Will Have You in Tears

In 2012, one loving couple began the lengthy process of adopting children from another country. James and Jennifer Grover knew they wanted to adopt two boys from the Democratic Republic of Congo, but did not expect the process to take over three years.

According to The Huffington Post, the Grovers experienced many difficulties and roadblocks during the adoption process due to the fact that multiple governments were involved. The wait for the children’s exit permits to clear was both grueling and painful for the parents.

James and Jennifer were no strangers to the adoption process, however, as they are not only parents to four biological kids but also an adopted daughter from Kazakhstan and a son from China. “We’ve already been through the adoption process three times before, but this one sent us on an emotional roller coaster,” Jennifer told Today.

Last month, the parents were finally able to welcome their sons Bronson, 7, and Joseph, 14, into the United States and the reunion was incredibly emotional. The sons rushed to meet their adoptive mother and father in the Salt Lake City airport and the tears immediately began to flow as they leapt into their parents arms. Someone was there to capture the moving moment on film and the footage has already received over 5 million views and almost 15,000 shares on Facebook. Watch the touching video below.

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Adoptive Family’s Emotional Reunion After 3 Years Will Have You in Tears