This 9-Year-Old Texas Boy Drives a Combine Every Morning

Facebook/Lindsay Kimbrell

Many farmers come from a long line of harvesters and hard workers. This incredibly hard-working nine-year-old has already found his passion for being out in the dirt, day in and day out.

Trey Kimbrell's story first spread across the internet after his mother submitted a photo of him driving a combine to the U.S. Farm Report. According to his parents, young Trey loves helping in the fields of their family's Grandview, Texas property.

"He started driving last year when he was eight," Trey's mother Lindsay told AG Web. "He's driven grain cart before, and he'd make a couple passees alone in the combine, but that was pretty much it."

Now, little Trey has earned the responsibility of driving the combine completely on his own. Although some online readers have questioned if he's too young to be operating such a huge and powerful vehicle, the Kimbrell's say they are happy that their son is so interested in farming.

"No one has said to me it isn't safe and he shouldn't be doing that," said Lindsay. "They really like to see kids doing things like that and helping in the fields."

Let's hope that Trey's passion for farming helps to inspire other kids to keep this family tradition alive.

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This 9-Year-Old Texas Boy Drives a Combine Every Morning