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Engagement photo via Lindsey Berger with Country Roads Photography

Couple Brings in 'Third Wheel' for Engagement and Wedding Photos


We all have that friend, or maybe we are that friend: the third wheel. One couple decided to put their "third wheel friend" front and center in their engagement and wedding photos.

Kody and Brittney Frysinger invited (convinced) Kody's best friend, Mitch Jolliff, to join them for their shoot. The couple told Yahoo Style that they'd gotten the inspiration from Pinterest. It's probably one of our favorite wedding photo shoots ever. Jolliff is perfect; in fact, he almost steals the show!

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Working with photographer Lindsey Berger, the friends came up with a humorous play on Jolliff's third-wheel status for the shoot. Berger Photoshopped "I" onto Brittney's boot, "Do" onto Kody's, and "N'T" onto Mitch's.

Kody and Mitch apparently spend a lot of time together. "We've been friends for seven years now, since we were in high school," Kody tells Yahoo Style about his bond with Mitch. "Every single day, we're in touch or with each other. Always together, always doing stuff together."

Jolliff didn't warm to the idea immediately. Rather, it took some persuasion to get him to agree -- but, Jolliff is still the most game third wheel ever. And, he helped created unforgettable memories for his friends. "I'm sure when my girlfriend and I get married, he owes me some favors in photo shoots," Jolliff told Yahoo. "In good time."

The progression from engagement to wedding photo is perfect. Ideally, they'll continue this tradition with new baby and anniversary photographs.

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