15 Fascinating Facts About Willie Nelson’s Amazing Life

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Happy birthday, Willie Nelson!

Today (April 29), the legendary artist celebrates his 83rd trip around the sun, and what an adventure those trips have been! Last year, Willie Nelson retold parts of his incredible life in a memoir, It’s a Long Story. The book doesn’t give all the details of the Willie Nelson saga — he’s already done that with previous autobiographies. Although, it does contain some different angles on legendary stories about the country legend, like the time he got baked on the roof of the White House just days after getting out of jail in the Bahamas for pot possession.

The video below is a highlight reel of some notable moments in Willie Nelson’s life. Some are cherry-picked from his memoir and some are taken from the legendary (likely apocryphal) stories surrounding the country legend.

One thing about Nelson is abundantly clear: he’s a man who follows his heart and trusts in his instincts. That guiding philosophy has led him through some truly legendary experiences.

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15 Fascinating Facts About Willie Nelson’s Amazing Life