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16 Things Texans Love More Than Anything

It's no secret that Texans love talking about Texas. The Lone Star State is one of the favorite topics for people who live here. There are a few other things we love, too. Like food shaped like Texas, putting the Texas flag on everything, and buying enormous pickup trucks and then making them even more enormous. Here are a few more things Texans love.


You might know that Texans take pictures in bluebonnets, but did you also know that the state flower of Texas is so revered that we don't mow over it or pick it for bouquets, and we'll get on to you if you try to.

An empty highway at sunset

An empty highway means no traffic and a smooth journey.

George Strait

George Strait announces Country Rising

Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Texans won't ever let you forget which state the King of Country hails from. All his exes may live here, but he don't hang his hat in Tennessee.

Family-owned businesses

H-E-B donates


One of the reasons H-E-B is so popular is because we like to support family-owned businesses.

Eating barbecue

Meat Markets in texas


Texans will eat barbecue for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It really is the perfect food.


Buc-ee's rest stop


Clean restrooms, dozens of gas pumps and delicious food? Sign us up.

Small towns

Small towns are the lifeblood of this state. Our small towns have produced Kacey Musgraves (Mineola), George Strait (Poteet), Colt McCoy (Tuscola) and Matthew McConaughey (Uvalde) just to name a few.

Critiquing Mexican food

The only thing Texans like better than eating Tex-Mex is talking about Tex-Mex. Just ask a Texan which places have good and bad Mexican food, or what does and does not constitute queso, but plan to stick around a while for the long-winded answers.

Taking road trips

Even though Texas is enormous, we're much more likely to drive somewhere if it's within the state, even if it's really far away.  Probably has something to do with our love of empty highways and Buccee's.

High school football

High school football is practically a religion, especially in the smaller towns. For reference see "Friday Night Lights". This is why we build stadiums the size of the colosseum.


There's no better burger, according to Texas law.

Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper facts 5 Delicious Dr Pepper Recipes

Flickr/Mike Mozart

There's just no better kind of coke than Dr Pepper.

Talking about Texas

Texas flagTexans love talking about our state. We'll tell you anything and everything you ever wanted to know, and then some. Pull up a chair and grab a Shiner, we'll talk your ear off.

Sun tea

All Southerners love sweet tea, but Texans know the best kind is made in a glass jar on the back porch by the hot Texas sun.

Snow that melts by noon

Image via We Know Memes

Oh man we love snow. If the weatherman so much as hints at snow, we close down the whole state. However, if it's hearty enough that the noonday sun can't melt it, we start freaking out a little.

JJ Watt

He may not be from here originally, but we'd like to adopt him. You're a good man, JJ.

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