They’re Calling It the ‘Biggest Pumpkin in North America’

Gene McMullen of Streator, Illinois has really outdone himself this year. 

For the past couple years, McMullen has entered his giant pumpkins into the weighing competition of the annual Wine and Harvest Festival in Cedarburg. He won last year’s contest with a 1,600-pound whopper, but that’s nothing compared to this year’s monster.

The judges say it’s the “biggest pumpkin in North America”, weighing in at  a massive 2,145 pounds. 

The big question (pun intended) is what will McMullen do with the biggest pumpkin in North America?

Presumably the monolithic fruit has its own gravitational pull. perhaps it could be used to control high tides.

Mr. McMullen has not yet said how or if he plans to carve the thing, but one can only assume it would make an impressive jack-o-lantern/fire hazard.

Here are a few other things the Cedarburg pumpkin would excel at:

1.) Becoming Cinderella’s stretch-limo

2.) Filling for North America’s largest pumpkin pie

3.) Produce a lifetime supply of pumpkin seeds

4.) A lovely second home for Peter Pumpkin Eater’s wife

Commenters on the Festivals of Cedarburg Facebook page have also joked about the colossal size of McMullen’s pumpkin.

“That’s bigger than our apartment in NYC,” said Christine Caruso-Cooper.

Michael Lederman suggested,”You could make a couch out of that. Congratulations”

and Andrea Stroup quipped, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”

When asked by local news Fox6 how he feels about the win, McMullen said, “Lucky…I didn’t do anything different than other growers do. It was just fun, a lot of fun. I guess this is what I’ve always dreamed of, that’s it, I guess!”

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the largest pumpkin ever grown in the world at 2,323 lbs, and that giant was grown by grown by Beni Meier of Switzerland.

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They’re Calling It the ‘Biggest Pumpkin in North America’