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Mason Jar Lid Pies Are the Perfect Summer Treat


Chances are you have at least one Mason jar sitting in a cupboard in the kitchen. Maybe you use this historic piece of glassware for home canning, a drinking vessel or a supply holder. However, that nifty sealed lid on top has another secret talent lurking behind the surface: pie!

The simplicity of this mini pie recipe from TipHero will ease the minds of even the most uncertain of bakers.

Use the two parts of the lid as guides to cut out two circles of pie crust, one small, one large. You could make your own, although store-bought is so easy.

Place the larger crust circle in the assembled mason jar lid. Fill the mini pie crust with your choice of filling. Top off with the smaller crust, seal and brush with egg wash. Then bake!

The history of the Mason jar goes back to 1858 when John Landis Mason created the original design. He was inspired by the tradition of heat-based canning which popped up five decades earlier, according to the Atlantic.

Now these little gems are part of multiple culinary, design and lifestyle movements across the country. Use your imagination with these pies. There are hundreds of recipes beyond the sweet goodness of fruit filling. For example, you could make chocolate caramel, s'mores, cheesecake and pumpkin pies.

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Mason Jar Lid Pies Are the Perfect Summer Treat