How to Make Mini Ham and Egg Breakfast Cups [WATCH]


Getting into a breakfast rut can be easy.

Most of us are on the go and want something easy to whip up before we start our days. With breakfast being the most crucial meal of the day, it’s worth taking a little extra time to make something delicious that’ll also make you and your stomach happy. These ingenious Ham and Egg Breakfast Cups definitely change the game when it comes to quick yet hearty breakfast foods.

Most of the ingredients you need for this meal are probably already in your kitchen. Gather up a loaf of sliced bread, ham, cheese, eggs, some butter or cooking spray and a muffin tin.

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Although these mini-breakfast treats look complicated and time-consuming, it’s really just a matter of stacking all of these delicious ingredients on top of each other and waiting for them to cook. Once you’ve let them bake, just check and make sure the egg is properly cooked and then dive in. You can make a bunch and share with your loved ones, or just make a couple for yourself to enjoy on a lazy Sunday morning.

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How to Make Mini Ham and Egg Breakfast Cups [WATCH]