These 8 Ice Cube Tray Hacks Will Change Your Life

Still using that ice cube tray to only freeze water? It's time to start thinking outside those tiny little-cubed boxes and hack into the full potential of this unassuming kitchen gadget. Seriously, you'd be amazed at what a single ice tray can do. Everything from helping you prep dinner to making dessert a breeze, the ice cube tray will become your new favorite kitchen tool once you get a look at this nifty video from Tastemade.

Go ahead and take a look. But prepare yourself, your about to go on an ice cube tray cooking frenzy.

Hack #1: Perfect Ravioli

Trying to get a perfectly pillowed ravioli without any help from a pasta maker can be a challenge. With the ice cube tray, it's insanely easy. Simply roll out your dough, press it into the tray, spoon in your ingredients, brush the edges with an egg white, and then add the top layer of dough. Once you plop the pasta out and slice each piece free, you'll have the perfect shaped ravioli.

The hardest part will be selecting a filling. In the mood for mushroom? How about goat cheese? Decisions, decisions. We recommend trying one of these tasty options to start.

Hack #2: Festive Flower Ice

Okay, so I know I said you should try using it for something other than ice. But this isn't just ice, it's flower ice. This would be a fun way to dress up a cocktail or chill down your water at a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, or a spring brunch. This simple hack even gives a creative flair to chill down a bottle of rosé or champagne. Just be sure to use edible flowers, we don't want anyone sipping on toxic petals here.

Hack #3: Premade Cookie Batter

If you're the type to prefer homemade cookies, but don't always want to go through the fuss of making them right then and there, this hack is for you. Before your craving strikes, whip up a batch of your favorite cookies and freeze the cookie dough in the ice cube trays. Come the next sweet tooth attack, you can bake one or the whole dozen.

For someone like me who tends to eat the whole batch in one sitting, this is a clever way to manage portion control. It's also great for when last minute guests arrive or for when you want an easy dessert option for your next dinner party.

Hack #4: Homemade Chocolate Bar Bites

Are you the type to always keep a little bit of chocolate in the fridge? You're going to love this ice cube tray hack. Take melted dark chocolate, or milk chocolate if you prefer, and pour it into the ice cube tray. Let it freeze until the chocolate has set, then pull it back out. This step is crucial in layering the chocolate bar.

Next, it's time for the sweet fillings. Nutella and salted caramel are great for this, but you could also use raspberry jam, peanut butter, or a filling of your choice. Top that with more melted chocolate then freeze. Come time for a little piece of chocolate heaven, break apart a bar and savor away.

Hack #5: Leftover Wine Trick

If you just so happen to not finish a bottle of wine, you can use the ice cube tray to freeze it. What's great about this is if you don't plan on finishing it anytime soon, it won't go rancid. The options from there for what to do with it are endless. Use it in a stew, cool down your sangria, add it to a sauce, make wine ice cream with it, or eat it like a wine popsicle.

Hack #6: Cooling Aloe Sunburn Cure

Getting a sunburn sucks. The only thing that seems to do any good is layering your skin with the cooling sensation of aloe vera. With the ice trays, you can make the aloe even better by freezing it.

Rub an aloe gel ice cube on your skin and you'll instantly feel a bit of relief. Aloe has also been used for healing wounds so next time you accidentally get a paper cut, try rubbing it with one of these cubes.

Hack #7: Preserve Your Herbs

If you hate it when fresh herbs go to waste, give them a full life by preserving them in the ice tray. Take your extra, thyme, basil, rosemary, cilantro, or any other herbs and chop them up. Then stuff them into the tray, fill it up with olive oil, and freeze until you're ready to use. This is an easy way to add some more flavor to your cooking oil. You can even toss the herb cubes into your soups or melt it on a piece of toast for a tasty snack.

Hack #8: Better Ice Coffee

One of the best uses for ice cube trays is to make the ultimate iced coffee. Rather than let regular iced cubes water down your drink on a hot day, freeze coffee cubes and plop them in your drink. Iced coffee, iced lattes, heck even milkshakes will taste better with coffee cubes.

As if that wasn't enough, Tastemade takes it a step further and make some cream cubes. Blend up both frozen cubes and you've got yourself a delightful afternoon pick me up.

Don't just stop with these ice cube tray hacks. You can use the trays to freeze bacon fat to cook your collards, freeze leftover tomato sauce, make mini cheesecake bites for dessert, or make fruit smoothie cubes to up your smoothie game. The options are endless!

Do you have a favorite ice cube tray hack? Share your ice cube tray cooking tips in the comments below.

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