7 Cover Songs by Chris Stapleton That Will Blow You Away

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Chris Stapleton has a knack for making just about anything sound good. He’s got his own Southern rock style mixed with a country sensitivity that always seems to fit the song just right.

It’s always fun hearing Stapleton sing songs he wrote, like Josh Turner’s “Your Man” and Adele’s “If It Hadn’t Been For Love,” but it’s even cooler to see Stapleton performing the songs he probably wishes he’d written.

These 7 covers by Chris Stapleton will blow you away.

Nothing Compares 2 U (Prince)


One of the first to pay tribute to Prince live after his untimely 2016 passing, Stapleton nails this version of “Nothing Compares 2 U,” which was also a huge hit for Sinéad O’Connor.

Amanda (Waylon Jennings)


First recorded by Don Williams and turned into a big hit by Waylon Jennings, “Amanda” is a beautifully melancholy song. The kind to which you might say, “I bet Chris Stapleton and his wife could nail that song.” Well, you’re absolutely right.

Free Fallin’ with Maren Morris (Tom Petty)


One of the most popular songs in the world, “Free Fallin'” has been covered by a lot of folks. So if you’re going to do it, you better make sure it stands out. Needless to say, Stapleton and newcomer Maren Morris were up to the task when they performed this at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium.

You Are My Sunshine with Morgane Stapleton (Jimmie Davis)

Chris and Morgane Stapleton have a hauntingly beautiful version of this song on David Cobb’s recent compilation album Southern Family, but they’ve been doing it for years. See the relatively unknown couple nail it at Eddie’s Attic in 2013.

Simple Man with Kings Of Leon (Lynyrd Skynyrd)


If you ever heard Chris Stapleton and thought, “He’d be great singing with Lynyrd Skynyrd,” you’re not alone. This cool collaboration with rock band Kings Of Leon proves it. If the Skynyrd fellas ever need a guest vocalist for a few shows, we sure hope they have Chris’s number.

Tennessee Whiskey with Justin Timberlake (David Allan Coe)

If you have to pick one performance that really exemplifies when Stapleton burst through into the country music stratosphere, it’s this cover of “Tennessee Whiskey” he performed with Justin Timberlake at the CMA Awards. Everybody was talking about it for weeks afterwards. And not just “everybody in country.” Everybody in music.

Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)


And of course, even when he’s performing one of the most well-known songs in all of country music, he does it with his own style and delivery that is both respectful of the original and different enough to still be really good.

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7 Cover Songs by Chris Stapleton That Will Blow You Away