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Jeremy Ryan

The Young Fables Daydream About New Love on 'Wonder If We Did' [Premiere]

East Tennessee country duo The Young Fables (Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford) explore the possibilities of new love on "Wonder If We Did," a whimsical, plucky track written by Helene Cronin, Lunsford and Wright about the flurry of daydreams that can occur just from spotting someone across the room.

"We don't have to have a picket fence/ A big old house with a couple kids," the duo sings. "We don't have to love each other til the end/ But I wonder what would happen if we did."

"'Wonder If We Did' is a song that reflects on the daydreaming process that many of us go through when we entertain a future partner," Laurel Wright tells Wide Open Country. "It's fun, floating melody is meant to reflect that feeling of hope and, sometimes, the butterflies that often come with the prospect of love."
"Tomorrow is unknown and with each morning we turn the page into another day of our story," Wes Lunsford adds. "'Wonder If We Did' is about wondering what future chapters may hold, and who might be a leading character on those pages."
Listen to "Wonder if We Did" below.

"Wonder if We Did" is featured on the duo's forthcoming album Pages, which is due out in September.

The duo is also the subject of the forthcoming documentary The Fable of a Song, which chronicles a series of events that rocked the duo in 2018.

"We didn't set out to write an album — we just started writing as a means of release and it happened to resonate with people everywhere," Wright says in a statement. "We feel fortunate to have a space to share our music and are so grateful that our story seems to be helping others with their healing. That's a reward unlike any other."

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