The Wild Feathers Share Soaring New Song, 'Stand By You'

The past few months have seen The Wild Feathers release a handful of singles--the warm CSNY-esque "Big Sky," the jangling groover "Quittin' Time," and now, the crunchy guitar toe-tapper "Stand By You." The three songs all come from the band's third studio album, Greetings From The Neon Frontier, due out June 29.

The Nashville quartet--made up of guitar-vocalists Ricky Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns and drummer Ben Dumas--where once again joined by producer Jay Joyce (Eric Church, Brothers Osborne, Little Big Town) for the project. It marks as the third collaboration between the pair, following 2013's self-titled debut and 2016's Lonely Is A Lifetime. Revolving around tight and bright harmonies (and songwriting duties) of Young, King and Burns, Greetings From The Neon Frontier finds The Wild Feathers as sharp and radiant as ever.

On "Stand By You," Burns takes center stage for the straightforward love song. It's as infectious as early Beatles and Beach Boys singles with its sunny and easy-flowing chorus. And much like alt-country pioneers acts such as The Jayhawks and The Wallflowers, the band blazes through with wide open and layered guitars that feel prime for summer road trips out west. It's a windows-down and sunglasses on with the radio blaring that simply put, feels right.

"This song is pretty self-explanatory--it's about standing by the one you love. It's kind of different for us because we normally have songs about leaving the one you love," says Burns. "We think all people can relate to 'Stand By You' in some way."

Burns and company have taken plenty of nods from '70s country-rock idols. There's a classic familiarity that seeps through their catalog of countrified groovers, soaring shakers, and down-home backwood pickers. Still, it never feels worn thin or has the four-piece leaning too far on their classic record collections.

Greetings From the Neon Frontier Track Listing:

1. "Quittin' Time"
2. "Wildfire"
3. "Stand By You"
4. "No Man's Land"
5. "Two Broken Hearts"
6. "Golden Days"
7. "Big Sky"
8. "Hold Onto Love"
9. "Every Morning I Quit Drinkin'"
10. "Daybreaker (Into the Great Unknown)"

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The Wild Feathers Share Soaring New Song, 'Stand By You'